Health workers who lost their lives in the Boksburg gas tanker explosion have been remembered. 12 workers at O.R Tambo Memorial Hospital were among those who died in the explosion.

At the Boksburg Civic Centre, the Gauteng Department of Health is holding a healing service in memory of the 12 healthcare workers, from Tambo Memorial Hospital, who died following the Boksburg tanker explosion.

The event is attended by health care workers who will be receiving healing service. They were singing a sad song in memory of their fellow colleagues who died in the explosion. They were singing “I am going home to die no more” as they were waiting for the formal program to begin.

A lot of families around the area were affected. One family lost four children in the Boksburg explosion. It is one incident which brought shock to many who had lived in the area for years, and never witnessed anything like that.

In total, 37 people lost their lives after a tanker transporting gas became stuck under a low bridge before exploding in the plantation residential area nearby the OR Tambo Memorial Hospital. 12 of the deceased were staff members at the O.R Tambo Memorial hospital situated in Boksburg.

Ekurhuleni mayor, Tania Campbell said she is exploring the legal options intending to take action against the gas tanker company and the driver involved in the Boksburg gas explosion.

The driver of the gas tanker which got stuck under a low level bridge is alive after he escaped with minor injuries. The rescue team is however still searching for missing body parts of the other victims who died in the explosion.

Many are still hopeful that the company and the driver will be held accountable over this horrible incident. Critics said what happened in Boksburg should never repeat itself.

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