Selling one’s soul appears to be a lucrative business, as we have never met a poor individual who was accused of engaging in devil worship or of being a member of the Illuminati. People who are successful and wealthy are the only ones who are targeted.

Since selling your soul is apparently not possible on eBay, we might as well take a look at some of South Africa’s most well-known rappers who have been accused of doing it in exchange for fame and fortune.


We would have inquired as to the steps necessary to sell one’s soul, but alas, the vast majority of them have denied the unfounded accusations.

First, we have Fifi Cooper

This Grammy-winning singer/rapper has also been accused of being a supporter of or member of the Illuminati.

She began her great career in 2015, but not long after, a fan called her out for what they saw as Illuminati-inspired hand motions and clothing. Who knew that a symbol of an inverted triangle might cause unwarranted suspicion?

She then posted the following question on Facebook: “What is Illuminati?”

Boity Thulo 2

Boity, who is attractive and bright, has been falsely accused by trolls of belonging to the Illuminati.

You may be aware that the number 666 has been linked to cults, which is why Boity followed exactly 666 people on Instagram in 2013.

Like Fifi Cooper, Boity brushed it off when a tweep saw the coincidence and thought he must be a member of the Illuminati.

3 Anatii

The performer of “Don’t Forget to Pray” has been accused of selling his soul to the devil on multiple occasions. The charges are based on the symbols he employs in his films.

The charges began with Anatii’s 2016 single “Jump,” which featured Cassper Nyovest and Nasty C.

Movements and symbols used in the video gave off a cultish vibe.

4. Emtee

Emtee, like his ex-partner, has been added to the roster of rappers who have sold their souls (Cruz Afrika.)

Cruz Afrika accused Emtee of being a member of the Illuminati at the time of his accusation, stating that Emtee had sacrificed one of their comrades in exchange for success.

Evidently, the accusers were just jealous, Emtee said.

Notable celebrities who have been accused of “selling their souls” include Black Coffee and DJ Fresh.

5. Cassper Nyovest

You’ve made it when people start labeling you a devil worshipper, and this is especially true in African cultures.

Cassper Nyovest’s first studio album, titled “Tsholofelo,” was out a little over a decade ago. In that little period, he has ascended to become one of South Africa’s most popular rappers.

Mufasa is a successful entrepreneur who has amassed a $8 million fortune through his ventures in the music production, footwear, and beverage industries.

Despite his efforts, not everyone believes Cassper. Cassper denies that he has used evil means to achieve where he is now, as is speculated by others.

Twiep Lucas Manebaneba advised Cassper to spend his Illuminati money before his 2021 expiration date. Mufasa spotted the message as his followers came to his rescue and retweeted it, laughing off the criticism and added that he just works hard and prays.

Do you think the Illuminati exists, along with witches? Let us know what you think.

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