After 20 years of dating in Kenya, Johana Maritim Butuk, a 99-year-old man, wed Alice Jemeli, a 40-year-old woman.

On Saturday, January 14, 2023, they were married in Soy, Uasin Gishu County, after a memorable ceremony.

The woman was 20 when they first met, and the man was 69.

In December 2022, he got her engaged, and preparations for the wedding ceremony began.

Popular Kenyan news outlet The Standard reported that it visited the couple and overheard them talking about how they would construct a home for themselves.

“I have never been married because I have always desired mental tranquility. My friends were all already grandparents when I decided to get married, and I was also working menial jobs. But after I met my wife, I realized I had finally found what I was looking for in life. Alice engages in less conversation and aids in overcoming obstacles, claims Butuk.

She was young when we first met, and I adored her for her modesty, he said. Despite our varying ages, Tabasei, who introduced me to her, and I got along well with her right away. My wife is now grown and responsible, which makes me delighted.

When we first met in 2003, I adored him. I had left an abusive relationship, but when I was introduced to Mzee (Butuk) by a woman, I fell in love with him because of his humility and willingness to listen. I chose to be his assistance even though he was elderly because I expected to get married like other women, says Jemeli.

“I have a history of being tardy, but now I am content because I am married. I was circumcised in 1943, far later than my age peers. I am sure that the joy in my marriage will extend my life, adds Butuk.
The wife disclosed that a house girl in a neighboring home pays her Sh3,000 each month.

“We are celebrating our colorful wedding at our modest home. Even our wedding ceremony was paid for by our church friends and neighbors, so we have no money. She states that we are unable to even eat at the adjacent Soy Club.

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