A Man Fakes A Heart Attack In What Turned Out To Be A New Style Of an Engagement Proposal To To His Girlfriend

Love Is a beautiful when you have the right person who can make you laugh instead of being in a toxic relationship. Many people who are happily married, they create a space of happiness in their relationship.


A is some pictures of a man who recently propose to his girlfriend. A man have fakes a heart attack as his new style of an engagement proposal to his girlfriend.

This man has left everyone talking in social media after his pictures started to make some rounds in Facebook and other platforms. His girlfriend were left speechless after seeing him knees down as his way of proposing to her.


The lady in the picture seems shocked after seeing him lying bdown. I’m sure she was thinking maybe he is hurt or something. The guy has really caught her off gut to propose in such new style. The lady have proven to him that she will pick him up when he is down and she will never leave him regardless what the situation may be.

It’s hard to be a man. Man had to go through the most just to impress woman. We have come to realize that men’s will try different way of proposing to their woman even if it means they have to fake heart attack while can even cry in real life.

It’s not many people will do what this guy did. He fall down and dirty as his way of proposing to his girlfriend. This is beautiful and we wish the couple could be together for many more years to come.
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