Actor Warren Masemola on suffering from Alopecia

Warren Masemola is one of the best and legendary actors to ever come out from South Africa.

As seen in the many roles that he has played in the last he fits in perfectly into any character that he gets, be it being gay or acting as a gangster he always fits in well.

The actor is currently on popular etv Soapie House of Zwide as a fashion designer Alex Khadzi.

Many might not know this but earlier this year, Warren opened up to Somizi on his reality show Down Time with Somizi how suffering from Alopecia is (loss of hair).

Warren was a guest to dine with Somgaga together with Vuyo who acts as Schumacher on The Queen.


He has never shy away from speaking about his autoimmune disease.

He was speaking to Somizi with reference of Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock during the Oscar Awards for making fun of Will’s wife Jadah Smith

He said, “I really wish Will could have sat it out, If he really felt like smacking Chris was the best thing to do… maybe he could have sparred it for the after-party. but if he was going to get the opportunity to be on stage and talk to the cameras maybe then that’s where he could have voiced it out.”


“Not everyone knows that Jada Smith is going through the experience of having alopecia. It was the perfect platform I believe for Will to say something and for people to realize that this thing (alopecia) is not funny,” added Warren.

The actor continued and also shared his experience with some local comedian who once made fun of his condition revealing how he felt about the jokes.

“I am sitting at home with my family and when I try to rectify it then, then they say, ‘hold up Warren, its comedy,’ It is really difficult, I grew up with alopecia, it is not nice, I go skinny deep in the pool at natural mountains with friends and not everybody understands what alopecia is,” he said.


In South Africa, Warren isn’t the only actor suffering from Alopecia, actress Gail Mabalane also came out to the clear about her condition.

Many have known Gail Mabalane for always keeping short hair she revealed to her Instagram followers that she suffers from Alopecia

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