It’s always a good thing when people come together to support, comfort, and be there for other people who have been faced with a tragedy.

Lynn Forbes, the mother of AKA, the late South African rapper has come out to thank people for being there for the Forbes famlily during their time of mourning. I am sure that she was not expecting the love and comfort that she recieved from people, but she appreciated it from the bottom of her heart.


“Thank you. On behalf of our family, I would like to thank everyone who has reached out to us during this very difficult time. We appreciate every message, every phone call and every act of kindness and support received. We love and appreciate you so much. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts”, wrote Lynn.

It still feels so unreal that AKA, the ‘Fela in Versace’ hitmaker is no more. I guess the only thing we have left of AKA is his music which he will forever live through. AKA’s last album, Mass Country, was released on the 24th of February as it was scheduled to release, and the album is AKA’s last gift to us.

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