Babes Wodumo reveals last moments with husband Mampinstha

Babes Wodumo talks about the last few days she had with her husband Mampintsha during the memorial service for Mampintsha that will take place on Friday.
Mampintsha passed away over the weekend at a medical facility in Durban. After suffering a mild stroke, he was taken to King Edward Hospital to receive treatment for his condition.

Babes Wodumo reveals last moments with husband Mampinstha

After that, he was taken to the Durdoc Hospital to be treated. At the memorial service for her husband, Babes, who was given the opportunity to speak, she disclosed her husband’s final words. The service was held in his honor.

While receiving medical treatment, Babes shared stories about Mampintsha’s final days with others. She disclosed that Mampintsha loved her, despite the fact that the couple had problems in their marriage caused by infidelity. While he was on his deathbed, he demonstrated the unending love he had for his wife.

During his final moments, he told me that he loved me. I believe that is the reason I am as strong as I am.

“The problem is that he didn’t hand over the PIN to his phone before he left the world,” she said. Hai, men. Now, whenever a call comes in, I can only stare at it helplessly because I am unable to answer it.

The famous star also revealed that her husband had cheated on her multiple times throughout their marriage.

There is not a single man on the planet who does not cheat.

In other news, Mampintsha’s father paid tribute to his son and discussed the final days of his life in an interview. During the funeral service for Mampintsha, his father, TI Maphumulo, said his final goodbyes to his son, and it was clear that he was overcome with emotion. He explained that his son had been ill for a brief period of time and described how his son had spent his final days.

According to Maphumulo, Mampintsha was a devout Christian in the days leading up to his death.

I’m here to say that up until this point, it’s unfortunate how he passed away. It did nothing to put anyone at ease, and the stress associated with it continues to affect me to this day. He only suffered from his illness for a brief period of time before passing away.

“Even though he was sick, he assured me that he had kept the promise and that he was still clinging to God. He shared with me that God was very much a part of his life and that the majority of the time it was God who blessed him. He claimed that he had committed his life to serving God.

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