When it comes to characters that make shows popular, these are the best and baddest female villains in South African soapies. They don’t take kindly to threats, they are vengeful and we all love to hate them. Here is a list of 10 such devilish dive


1. Harriet Khoza – The Queen

Queen Khoza is more than just ruthless, she will do anything to protect her family and her family’s drug empire.

Her villain status is sensed in the first episode when she put a hit out on her husband. She has kickstarted more feuds than she cares to remember. But she’s tough as nails, and Harriet takes a beating and keeps on kicking.

2. Lindiwe – The River

Lindiwe is so far from innocent that it’s a miracle the mining boss hasn’t been arrested yet. In episode 1 she already showed viewers what kind of a monster character she is when she murdered her employee Thatho in cold blood. She bludgeoned him to death in a river in order to steal a huge diamond that he’d found in her mine, And that’s not the only murder she’s committed.

She even tried to bury her estranged daughter Itumeleng (Larona Moagi) alive when the teen threatened to expose Lindiwe for murdering Tumi’s adoptive dad, Thatho. Her list of crimes is as long as the mineshaft she’s no doubt thrown people down to keep her activities hidden.

3. Veronica – The River

Veronica isn’t a hateable character because she’s something cold and callous like a killer. Instead, she’s like that mosquito buzzing about the room that just won’t go away. She keeps sinking her needle nose into your skin, sapping out your energy with every scene as she cons her way through the Dlamini family’s mansion and fortune.

4. Lucy – Generations: The Legacy

Lucy the shebeen queen who would do anything to have money as long as it is illegal, She protects her family at all costs, she doesn’t need a man to complete, dealing drugs having guns,money and her shebeen makes her feel like the hardcore queen that she is.

5. Nina – Isidingo

Nina is a very strong and powerful Kasi lady who runs a successful sheeben pre-owned by her father, Zamdela. She’s not afraid to kill you if you cross her, she’s volatile , she can take it to the ghetto and to first class still she wins her way up. Her only weakness is her son, Obakeng. Every man that has ever challenged her respects her.

6. Boniswa – Scandal

Boniswa Langa is a vile, cold, and calculating woman. She will destroy anyone who tries to get in her way even if it means killing her daughter’s husband.

From a natural mother, queen Boniswa Langa cared about nothing else but the wellbeing of her family, but she quickly evolved into an infamous villain who audiences love to hate.

7. Faith – House Of Zwide

The list can not be complete without adding this villain, Faith On House Of Zwide.

Faith was born and raised in a shack in Tembisa and it’s a place she has vowed never to return to. Her traumatic past defines her. Faith will make sure she and her children never end up broke.

8. Deborah – Lockdown

Dark secrets, rivalries, secret plots, and a taste for younger men earn Banda the villain status in Lockdown .

Banda has a child with her friend’s son after she manipulated the young boy into having a relationship with her. She goes on to torment the boy’s mother after she is jailed.

9. Lelo – Skeem Saam

The famous beautiful lelo who is both slick and smart. She fights for what she wants, if you make her mad you pay, she’s not afraid to kill though her numerous attempts have failed. Her pretty face mislead a lot but then most can see right through her.

10.Thsidi – Muvhango

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