Best Video Editing Software in 2022

When it comes to creating videos, there are a lot of options for editing software. With the help of a video editing software, you can create any kind of content – from short videos to full-length feature films. Whether you want to create a video for an online business, an educational institution, or just for your own enjoyment, there are numerous choices to consider.

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PowerDirector 365

If you’re looking for a video editing software that works well on Windows, consider CyberLink PowerDirector 365. While it lacks 360-degree video support, it has a number of other useful features. The company also offers VideoStudio Ultimate, which has been a competitor to Adobe for years.

It’s easy to use and includes a wide range of features. It’s the perfect combination of professional video editing features and user-friendliness. It’s also a fast and smooth renderer, making it a great choice for people who aren’t sure how to make a video.

Another popular video editing software for Windows is Corel’s Pinnacle Studio. This application has advanced tools and doesn’t require a subscription. It’s not the cheapest option, but it includes features like keyframing and mulitcam. It also works on both Windows and Mac computers.

The software offers a wide range of editing effects. Users can use filters, overlays, and other special effects to make a quality video. You can also collaborate with others using the program.

DaVinci Resolve 17

DaVinci Resolve is a powerful video editing software that gives you the ultimate control of your editing process. It features all the tools that professional editors use, and offers high image and sound quality. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it quick and easy to learn. It is also cross-platform, meaning it is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

DaVinci Resolve features the most advanced features in a video editing program, but the user interface is still very intuitive. It supports up to 2,000 audio tracks and works in real-time, allowing you to make adjustments in the editing process. It also intelligently reframes videos and detects faces in videos and automatically repositions them. It also supports 4K and 8K resolutions, and has the highest compression ratio of any video editor.

The most advanced features of DaVinci Resolve include a powerful color correction feature, and support for motion graphics and audio post-production. With a user-friendly interface, DaVinci Resolve allows professionals to work faster and create more stunning video content. It also gives users access to camera original quality images, making it ideal for use in productions.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is a great video editing software that is great for beginners, as well as professionals. It has lots of AI features that make it easy to do basic edits and add effects. It also includes features that help users create animated overlays, as well as basic lighting edits. Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 includes a free trial and many useful tutorials.

Adobe Premiere Elements is a consumer video editing software that can cut, merge, add transitions, and organize videos. It provides professional-looking results with little effort. Although it isn’t the best video editing software on the market, it’s still very useful, especially when learning to edit videos. It is not the most sophisticated, but its guided tutorials can make it easier for newcomers to start. It also lacks some features of more advanced editors.

Another feature of Adobe Premiere Elements is its ability to automatically crop video footage for the right aspect ratio. This means that your video will be able to be optimized for social media sites. It also has a variety of presets for the most popular social media platforms. And if you want to add a more artistic touch to your video, you can use its Artistic Effects. These effects can make your home movies look like they’re made by an artist.


If you are considering buying a video editing software, Movavi is one of the best options. The software installs quickly and uses just 280MB of hard drive space. In comparison, most consumer video editing programs require more than a gigabyte. The software is also user-friendly, with a clear interface that is easy to navigate.

The features of Movavi include batch processing, image preview, and the ability to add video effects. These features are useful for creating a movie by combining various objects. In addition, you can use animations and titles to add personality and humor to your movies. Whether you want to add sound effects, a movie title, or a music video, Movavi has the tools you need to make it a professional quality production.

Movavi Video Editing Software in 2023 has many new features that make it more user-friendly and more powerful than ever. For example, it has an improved interface and multi-track timeline. It also offers better project management tools.


If you’re looking for a video editing software, look no further than iMovie. Its robust feature set includes a timeline, color balance and correction, and transitions. It also allows you to add text and graphics to your videos. This software also allows you to share your videos directly to many online platforms.

iMovie is easy to use on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to create professional-looking movies without a video editing degree. The software features a number of built-in effects and transitions, and allows you to record a voiceover. And it supports a variety of file formats, including ProRes video.

While there are a few limitations with iMovie, it is still a great video editing software. Many professionals choose it over other video editing software, while non-technical users might find it difficult to understand the complexities of its interface. In addition, iMovie doesn’t support all file types, including MP4 files, and users have to convert these files to H.264 codec before using iMovie.

iMovie allows users to drag multiple video files to their timeline. They can also pull iCloud synced video files from Photos into their iMovie project.


Filmora is a video editing software that allows users to easily edit videos, add effects, transitions, adjust audio levels, and insert background music. It also allows users to create custom animations. The program has four editing modes and a built-in template library. You can also use the voiceover feature to record scripts.

The number of people watching YouTube videos is staggering. Every single day, more than a billion people around the world watch video content. On YouTube alone, more than 30,000 hours of videos are uploaded each hour. This is why many YouTube creators want to deliver high-quality and visually appealing content in order to reach their millions of subscribers.

Filmora supports a huge variety of file formats. It also allows users to import media from hard drives. However, users should keep in mind that the program might crash in the middle of a project, so it’s important to always save your work every 10 minutes.

Wondershare Filmora is an easy-to-use video editor that is ideal for people who don’t have much experience with video editing. It has an intuitive interface and a variety of useful features such as text options, overlays, and transitions. It also has a large range of tutorials to help users improve their editing skills.

Adobe Premiere Pro

The new Adobe Premiere Pro offers a range of powerful features for anyone with experience in video editing. The program has tools for both commercial and website editors, amateurs, and experts. In addition, it includes a dedicated mobile app and intuitive interface. Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful tool for creating stunning videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro features an intuitive, responsive UI, and exceptional color control. It is able to export videos to different computer formats and social networks and is available on both Mac and Windows systems. The downside of Adobe Premiere Pro is that it has poor customer support, and it can take 15-30 minutes for a technician to respond to an email or phone call.

The software offers a range of useful tools, including split-screen and motion tracking. The video editing software also has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and allows users to drag and drop footage into the timeline. Moreover, users can assign hotkeys to different tools and drag and drop features.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a complete NLE software that allows you to post-produce, edit, and mix audio. It has advanced scene management features and can also handle 3D animation. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for even non-technical users to use. It also offers a wide range of editing features, from simple YouTube videos to Hollywood feature films.

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