Big Zulu Celebrate His Daughter’s Graduation. See Her Pictures



Big Zulu is celebrating her daughter Melo who has recently graduated from pre-school. The South African rapper Big Zulu have share pictures of her daughters during the graduation. It’s no longer a secrets that Big Zulu is a responsible father who will always be there and protect her daughter.

With caption: “Going to school next year my father’s girl. Grow up sister, respect the older and the young everything will be fine. Your father is here I will protect you”. He writes.

Not long ago Biz Zulu was making headlines after sharing pictures of his daughter who were refusing to him go when he was leaving to Italy. Big Zulu has been sharing cute pictures in his social media since he paid lobola to his wife. In the past weeks, had been trending after he released a single hit song with Makhadzi.

Big Zulu is now again trending in social media after he shared pictures of her cute daughter after the graduation. Big Zulu have recently got married few months the ago and his fans and followers did not know that he has a beautiful daughter.

Big Zulu has been described by his fans and followers as a family oriented man. Few months ago Big Zulu was trending after he completed the house which he has been building for his grandmother. Big Zulu did not forget where he is coming and the blessings he has been receiving from his family including his grandmother.

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