Connie Ferguson and her late husband Shona celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary.

Constance Ferguson is a South African based Botswana actress, filmmaker, producer and businesswoman. She is best known for her role as “Karabo Moroka” on South Africa’s most popular soap opera, Generations. She starred on the show from its start in 1994 until she exited in 2010.

Ferguson first met actor Shona Ferguson in July 2001. Three years after her divorce from Matsunyane, they wed in November 2001. The couple welcomed a daughter in June 2002. Shona Ferguson passed away in the afternoon of July 30, 2021, from complications connected to COVID-19, ending an almost 20-year marriage.


Connie Ferguson and her late husband Shona Ferguson are celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary. The actress honored the love they still have for one another by posting a snapshot of their wedding on Instagram. Connie is much more appreciative of the lovely love and memories she enjoyed with Shona because even though he is dead, their love never dies.

21 years ago today. My dearest friend’s tomorrow never came, but I still understand how much he cared for me. Knowing how happy you made someone in this lifetime and how happy they made you brings a great deal of comfort.

“True love never dies, and I carry this love with me in my heart and soul for eternity. Thank you for the beautiful everlasting love and memories my ANGEL SHO,” she wrote.

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