These are Robert Mamabolo’s exact words:

2008 DJ Sumbody was a participant in a bank robbery. After the arrest of his associates, he went on a quest to make a name for himself by opening nightclubs and operating a taxi service. Following his release from prison 13 years later, his pals made the decision to put an end to his life.

This is startling news because it reflects a growing belief that artists are disproportionately represented among those who commit bank robberies.

His spouse wrote the following letter:



Write me a love letter. I’m just lying here, unable to muster the energy to express my sadness or anguish. We had so many plans, and now I’m overwhelmed by emotion. Our time together was really valuable to me. Twelve years of joy, sorrow, and love You have my sincere gratitude for the role I played in your recent success. I will back you up because of the man you were. I’m thankful that we had you to guide us. Our home will not be the same without you, and even as I type this, tears are streaming down my cheeks.

It will be unnecessary for you to call out “Baby!” from the second floor every time you lose an item of clothing. It has made me quite irritated. Even so, I hope you know how much you mean to me. The situation defies explanation. It’s causing me a great deal of pain. It’s great to see you making progress on all the goals you set out to achieve while unemployed. None of this seems like a given to me.

Because of how much my spouse trusted and relied on you, Sbu, please know how grateful I am to still have you in my life. To the departed, I pray for eternal rest.

I appreciate my loved ones so much for welcoming Oupa into our home and hearts. I appreciate your continued hospitality, Ma’Sefoka. I am indebted to you for the gift of a king. His kindness and generosity earned him a lot of admirers and esteem. I am incredibly appreciative of the unwavering love and support of the Sefoka clan.

Oupa John Sefoka, better known as DJ Sumbody, is being laid to rest, and his loved ones have gathered for the occasion.

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