Sandile Qwabe, who is a product of Walter Sisulu University (WSU), has been trending on social media. He has brought a new, fresh outlook on what a doctor should look like. Usually a doctor is seen as very different and as someone who displays professionalism at all times. You would not expect the other side of them.

But Dr. Qwabe is a Pantsula doctor who is living and loving that lifestyle. It was known and seen all the times that when it came to someone who was a Pantsula, that person was already being associated with gangsterism. But then Kwesta is loving that lifestyle with Kabza De Small. They are musicians, and that lifestyle came from Kwaito music before the 20th century.

Dr. Qwabe is someone who has a lot of energy and is entertaining at all times. He is someone who, when he is not in a good place, you can tell. From the hospital that he works at, he is always having those moments of entertainment, and when you are close to someone like that, you would expect their entertaining moments at any point.


Their was a teacher who was trending on social media who was wearing the pantsuit fashion. He was taken a picture while he is in class teaching his learners. It is not about how a person looks, but the impact that comes with him or her. Being a Pantsula is a proud South African lifestyle, and they are changing the narrative that people may have about the lifestyle.

Dr. Qwabe is a cool person, as you can see from the pictures and video clips that are now circulating on social media. He is already someone in high demand because a lot of people want to meet him. It would be interesting to listen to him and the opinions he has. It is important to be a great individual, and the good lifestyle will come to you.

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