Emotional Video Of Babes Wodumo Crying While Performing Her Husband’s Song On Stage

Babes Wodumo, throughout the years that she has been in the entertainment industry, has become one of the most loved musicians as well as performers in the country. And because of the kind of artist she has been in the industry, she was able to achieve a lot together with her husband, with whom she worked closely. And now she will have to start working on her own and getting used to the fact that her husband is no longer by her side.


Babes Wodumo is still mourning her husband, and she has been doing so differently, which has resulted in a lot of people criticising her for working while she has to be at home and for traditionally mourning her husband by wearing black clothes as well. Ever since his passing, she has decided to get back on stage, and many people have been supporting her. Babes Wodumo has stated that she mourns that way because she is honouring the agreement that she had with her husband when he was still alive and was told that she does not have to mourn the traditional way.

She has been attending a number of gigs, and she was recently seen performing her husband’s song, which she became very emotional over while dancing. revealing that even though it might seem that she is not mourning her husband or might not be seen as sad about his passing, She showed a lot of emotion on stage, and she said that she is still very sad about the passing of her husband, and his song reminded her of him.

Even though her husband is no more, it is good to see that she is back on stage and being the artist that she has always been, and that she will be able to get her career back in the industry ever since she was not seen performing anymore.

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