Unathi Nkayi shared with her fans on Instagram what she went through the day she lost it all. She took to Instagram to share how she used gym as her therapy to overcome her mental health she faced.

Unathi went through her mental health when she was canned from 959 radio station a year ago. Unathi Nkayi was fired from Kaya FM after she reportedly went against the radio’s standards although her exact transgressions were not revealed by the station. “Ms Nkayi’s contract has ended prematurely due to certain conduct that rendered the relationship intolerable going forward.

It got bad to worse for her when idols said to be revamping the show. She was not part of the new show as she was replaced with Thembi Seete, she just lost another gig just like that. Mind you she was part of SA Idols for nearly 10 years.

She shared with her fans bad she suffered from a mental breakdown after the episodes she had. She said that the journey to healing was even harder for her. It was so to the point she was nearly put on medication.

She wrote: –

“I have been through the most vigorous and painful year of therapy of my life because I lost everything due to a one-sided story that many were too keen to believe.”

“In May my therapist wanted to put me on meds. Anxiety pills and tranquillisers because I had hit rock bottom. We decided against the meds but that meant I had to force myself to get into a routine which included exercise. To show up for myself.

She then share something that her father told her.

“My father said; ‘Be regular with your therapy and then sit back and watch them turn against each other. They will because there is no integrity among the three people who conspired against you in this matter.”

She needs to be applauded as we know what people tend to do when they suffer from mental health. They take their lives as they see it as the best way. She didn’t even think of that but found a way to over what she was going through. When she found it she conquered and there she is strong that ever.

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