Nigerian Lady proposes to her boyfriend in public and he says “No I Will Not’’ (Video)


A Nigerian lady refused to let her boyfriend go after he rejected her proposal beside an expressway near a yet to be identified market in Nigeria.

Majority of Nigerian men does not buy the idea of a lady proposing to them. However, some Nigerian ladies are shooting their shots recently and 95% of similar cases happened to have an embarrassing outcome, judging by recent events on social media.

The lady in subject most definitely met the shock of her life when she took to the streets to proposeto her guy, only for her to be turned down by him in the presence of strangers.

Relentless and not accepting no as an answer, the lady is seen in a viral video seriously begging the guy, as she holds on to his leg with one hand and the ring with the other hand.

Passersby and onlookers are also seen staring in awe at the situation while some of them confront the gentleman to ask that he stops embarrassing the lady and just take the ring from her.

Another person can be heard, saying “you don sleep with am finish, you no wan marry am abi?”.

Watch the dramatic scene below:

Watch the dramatic scene below:

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