The agony of dying is by far the most excruciating of all the suffering that a person is capable of experiencing. especially in situations where the deceased was someone who was very dear to you. It causes such intense pain, which is one of the factors that contributes to the fact that some people end up taking their own lives shortly after learning that a loved one has passed away. It stings much more when you break ways with a companion with whom you have ambitious plans for the future. You get the impression that none of your dreams will ever come true, and you are completely alone in this world.

Recently, there has been a story that has many people in tears about a 21 years old boy who left many people in tears after he wrote a sad message to his partner who had passed away and leave him

with a 1 year old son. The story is very heartbreaking. He had made preparations to spend the rest of his life with his partner, but tragically, she passed unexpectedly abruptly. It was a shame that he didn’t say anything about the reason of death in his speech. He has just finished writing a profound message in which he describes how the two of them first met and how his heart is broken. The statement that he made that God should have taken him instead of her was the part of his sermon that moved me the most. Check out the following message that he scribbled in the screenshots:


Following the publication of this on Facebook, a great number of users were reduced to tears. People who were not familiar with this love tale were moved when they saw a young guy having to deal with something like this while being so young. People are sending their well wishes to him, and some are suggesting that he consult a mental health professional because they are concerned that the struggles he is currently through may shorten his life. Some people are even suggesting that individuals who frequent his neighborhood should keep an eye on him since he might be having thoughts of ending his own life.

It is a really sad experience to lose a sweetheart, and for this young man who is still so young, it must be especially difficult for him. I pray that God gives him the fortitude to handle the circumstance and the ability to care for the infant. Have you ever had to deal with the passing of a lover? Please share your story with us in the comments section below, and also let us know what helped you get well so that we can learn from your experience and help others.

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