” God why me, I’m heartbroken ” Babes Wodumo Breaks Down On Social Media

Death is one of the most heartbreaking human experiences that everyone will go through, and the sad thing about it is that no one is aware when it will take place. And this year has been a heartbreaking one for young people, especially those in relationships, because they have lost their loved ones. Many young people have become widows this year, which is truly one of the saddest experiences anyone can go through, especially when they planned to celebrate their whole life with the person they loved.




It is heartbreaking that one of the most loved celebrities in the country, Babes Wodumo, is now a widow, especially because she is someone who has always admired being married and able to raise her child in a two-parent household. She has unfortunately lost her husband Mampintsha due to a stroke, and he landed in hospital. Two days later, it was reported that he has unfortunately passed on.

Some people, however, are not feeling saddened by the passing of Mampintsha due to the fact that he mistreated Babes and many of them wanted her to leave her abusive relationship, but she chose to stay in it because she loved her husband, and they also worked together as a team, and now she is left alone.


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