Gogo Maweni reacts to rumors of dumping her husband for a new man (Video)

Gogo Maweni reacts to rumors of dumping her husband, Sabelo Mgube for a new man.

The sangoma sparked rumors after sharing a video of herself in a matching robe with another man.

The two were cosy in the video and a curious fan questioned if she’s with a new man.

However, Maweni quickly slammed the claim, saying he is just her best friend.

“lol @baba_ndlondlo is as gay as they come his my bestie,” she wrote.

Some weeks ago, Gogo Maweni reacts to divorce rumors.

The traditional healer said her and her husband are going strong after 5 years.

“Everybody said it would end in tears … The tears have been there but the end is never coming. I don’t care what social media says,” she said.

“He’s loving, he’s caring and I thank God that he stepped in when I  am raising sons … he’s very respectful … My husband will bend over backwards and frontwards to make sure that I’m OK as much as I would do that for him … I had to kiss frogs to find him.”


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