Heartbreaking || “I Can Feel My Death Coming”- What she Said In a Voice note Before She Died Touched Many People

We are living in a time where you hardly go a day without hearing that there is someone who has been killed. What is even more painful is that most of the deaths nowadays are of teenagers. Youth are dying. They say when it’s your time to die, you can feel it and you can never run away from it. That’s why some first confess to saying something they’ve always wanted, some just leave a death note with the message for someone. And most of the things that people who are dying say are very heartbreaking…

Speaking of that, there is a trending story of a lady who left a very heartbreaking voice note before she passed away. A few days before she took her life, she sent a voice message directing or giving instructions on how things should be done at her funeral. On the voice recording, she said she can feel her death is coming, so at her funeral her mother Lucy must be the MC, her friends must also be in a family car, and when it’s time to earth, her friends must be in the line. They should be the first ones to eat.

A few days after she sent this on a family WhatsApp group, everyone just thought she was kidding or making her tik tock videos. She left her family in so many tears that they are left blaming themselves that they didn’t take her seriously when she was crying for help. Gonolemo’s death touched many people. It is still unknown what made her take the decision to cut her life short


For the sake of Gomolemo’s soul to rest in peace, the family has to follow everything she said. According to African culture, the deceased’s words and wishes must be fulfilled to make them rest in peace. According to those who were close to her, they described her as a very loving and ever-smiling lady. She was always smiling; that’s why one couldn’t even notice that she was going through pains.

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