Heartbreaking : list of failed painful marriages and relationships Sophie Ndaba has had

Sophie Ndaba is a well respected and established award-winning actress in South Africa.


She has acted on numerous productions but one that had made her a recognizable face is her role on the old Generations as Queen Moroka.

She’s part of the group of actors that decided to leave Generations after having disputes with the writer Mfundi Vundla and the entire management team on payment issues.


As much as she has had a good run as far as her acting career is concerned, the same can not be said about her love life.

Current husband

Currently Sophie is not married to anyone, but sources have it that she is in a relationship.

Earlier this year in January Sunday World reported that the actress was seeing a Nigerian Pastor and businessman by the name Allen. The pastor is said to be part of “Bushiri’s sons”

Themba Ndaba

Sophie was once married to legendary actor Themba Ndaba well known for his character on The Queen as Brutus Khoza.

The pair met in the mid 1990’s and got married in 1998. Although the marriage did not last forever they were blessed with 2 children.

They separated 10 years into their marriage.

Bishop Keith Harrington

After her divorce with Themba Ntuli, Sophie went on to date a man of cloth, Bishop Keith Harrington.

The former Couple met in 2011 at an event and in December of that very same year they tied the knot.

Unfortunately the marriage was short lived as they divorced six months later.

Max Lichaba

Even after her failed marriages, Queen Moroka as known by many did not lose faith in love.

In 2018 she met business tycoon Max Lichaba who brought happiness in her life again.

The couple seemed to have been going strong until in 2021 when the Lichaba surname and her son Ocean L released a diss track about his stepfather.

That was the end of their relationship.

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