How I started carving makhadzi’s Sculpture until it Ends.
The unstoppable African QUEEN. Artist of the year. One of the best artist in Africa. Well known and famous.
***wood carving scalpture mixed with stone and sand. The scalpture is carved by the Well known famous Artist Owen K Ndou.” I will never stop to keep the History of our country” . My scalpture is all over the world. I carve my scalpture Historical, Biblical, Political and Traditional also the New Morden scalptures. I’m the self tought artist. I started to carve big scalptures since 1984. Many universities have got my scalpture as a collection of the university, University of Bophutatswana have got my scalpture as a collection, bought by Professor Muray. Blomfontein university have got my scalpture (Hunter with the mountain snake)as a collection. Few years back there was a competition at the university of Zululand, I took possession one and two. I received first and second price. Many galleries in South Africa bought my scalptures. There is my scalptures in over seas. America Los Angels my scalptures is there. Australia, Holland Amsterdam in Rotterdam museum there is my scalptures. In wood carving I’m unstoppable because art to me is onother kind of a language. I’m still producing many more beautiful big scalptures even now. Something very amazing is on the way (a very big piece of wood, more than four scalptures in one piece of wood) playing music….Let me enjoy to keep the History of our country for the sake of the new generation. I’m trying to encourage our African Queen, she is not just like every somebody. She is gifted and not unstoppable. Keep on going Our Queen.🙏🏼💯

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