How To Apply For Jobs Over Email

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In the digital age that we are currently in, applying for jobs online has become more and more common and much more convenient. The following is a guideline for adopting this digital mindset and applying for jobs online.

As the world continues to adapt to the digital age, especially with the added difficulty that has come with the Covid-19 pandemic, performing tasks and even working exclusively online has become much more common in the modern day.

Where before, people would have to mail physical copies of their resumes to potential employers, now that can be done with a simple click of a button via email. Here is a set of guidelines to be followed when attempting to craft a job application via email:

  1. First and foremost, ensure that the email address of whomever you want to receive the email is added and that whomever else is meant to receive the email is appropriately CC’d.
  2. Add an appropriate subject heading that reflects what position you are applying for and your name.
  3. Remember to approach the email with the most formal as possible.
  4. Start your greetings by addressing whomever the email is being specifically addressed to, i.e. “Dear Recruitment Manager” or “Dear HR Manager”, depending on who is going to be receiving the email. Otherwise, if you are unable to acknowledge someone specific, say “To whom it may concern”.
  5. The first paragraph is dedicated to mentioning why you are sending the email and how you may have heard about the job opening, whether through word of mouth or through an official advertisement.
  6. The next few paragraphs are dedicated to selling yourself for the role. Mention what may set you apart from other candidates who may be applying for this position. Mention your past work experience, your strengths and how they may aid you in the position, past achievements that may prove relevant to the position, and so on.
  7. In the final paragraph, take the opportunity to thank the recipient for taking your application into consideration and direct them to where all relevant documents may be attached.
  8. Sign your name at the bottom of the email along with a pleasant, formal salutation such as, “Kind Regards”, “Yours Sincerely”, “Best Wishes”, etc.
  9. Finally, attached at the end of the email, there must be a pdf/Word copy of your CV/Resume, Cover letter, and whatever else may be required of you to send through as part of your application.


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