“I Don’t Imagine A World Without My Four Beautiful Wives”-Popular Polygamist Musa Mseleku Expresses His Love For His Four Ladies

Musa Mseleku Hits Back At Critics, Says Many People Are In Polygamous Relationships Without Their Knowledge

I Don’t Imagine A World Without My Four Beautiful Wives”-Popular Polygamist Musa Mseleku Expresses His Love For His Four Ladies 

Wealthy businessman and reality star Musa Msekelu is living the life many man can only dream of.

Musa Mseleku who is married to four beautiful wives namely;  Busisiwe “MaCele” Mseleku, Nokukhanya “Mayeni” Mseleku, Thobile, aka “MaKhumalo”, and Mbali, aka “MaNgwabe”is happy and proud of his polygamous marriage.



Musa Mseleku Four Wives
Musa Mseleku gushes over his four wives [Image: Instagram/@musamseleku]

Taking to his Instagram, Musa expressed love for his four wives. He revealed that he is happy with his decision to be in a polygamous marriage and would not have it any other way.


“I don’t imagine a world without my four beautiful wives. If I were given a second chance I will still marry them. Love you guys.”

For a man who has four wives, Musa Mseleku goes out of his way to ensure that his wives are all loved, happy and well taken care of.

On Valentines day, Musa Mseleku penned a beautiful message for his four four wives as he appreciated them all:

Let us celebrate love INdlovukazi maCele, the cornerstone of our legacy and the custodian of our values, iNdlunkulu maYeni the epitome of our love and longevity, iNdlunkulu maKhumalo the symbol of Hope and things hope for, iNdlunkulu maNgwabe the symbol of our strength and resilience for our family. Let us celebrate love in the month of love.”


His polygamous marriage is however without criticism. He recently got criticized by his followers for practising favoritism among his wives.

Musa Mseleku was accused of favoring his third wife MaKhumalo after followers noticed he has been attending to several events with her without the other wives.

The reality star came out to address the claims and set the record straight. Musa rubbished the favouritism claims saying that a polygamous marriage is all about equality. He asserted that all his four wives are equal to him.

There has been an ongoing outcry on social media saying I choose to go with MaKhumalo to most of the events, and that to me is very interesting because it means now you understand Isithembu is about equality … they are all equal and the same. Let us spread love to all of them.”


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