There is a day that Kelly khumalo did some shocking things.

This woman Whos boyfriend was senzo meyiwa ( the soccer player) which passed away mysteriously. Till today we Don’t know how he died and who killed him. and jub_jub who recently lost his job on moja love was also in a relationship with Kelly khumalo.

Sadly when this man came out of jail Kelly has moved on with her life. She could not wait for someone She claimed she love to Come out of jail. They also have a baby together. This was the most trending relationship those days.

This lady was seen at somizis Birthday performing wearing teddy bears. And the sad thing is that you could see that these teddy bears were too heavy for her.

And the fans were just so worried not understanding what was happening on stage. The way it looked on stage she was gona fall anytime. Some took this as a joke and it Wasn’t a joke at all. This lady was dressed by tsotetsi.

The owner of the birthday was shocked himself.

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