Khanyi Mbau’s old songs “Igwinya” and “Dunusa” leave Mzansi in stitches as it gains recognition after 13 years

Khanyi Mbau trends on social media over her old songs, Dunusa and Igwinya.

The South African actress is known to be a close friend to the music industry due to her inconsistent in dropping songs.

In 2010, Mbau released an album which has suddenly gained recognition in 2023.

Tik Tok users have started to create content for the song, while others mocked the lyrics.

Khanyi Mbau was so unserious. She really didn’t sing “Bhuti ndicel’igwinya please. Iskhokho sidl’amagwinya” in 2010. How in God’s name did I miss this era?” a tweep wrpte.

See videos and reactions below:








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