Limpopo Student sells Kidney to buy girlfriend IPhone 14

Love can surely make you do the unthinkable! A Zimbabwean student in Limpopo South Africa is reported to have sold his kidney all in the name of love.

The unidentified male student is said to have decided to prove his love for his girlfriend by his actions.

Reports on various social media platforms by online media outlets have claimed that the boy sold his kidney to buy an iPhone 14 for his girlfriend.

This is actually not the first time such an incident has happened.

Im 2022 a Nigerian student went viral after he sold his kidney to surprise his girlfriend with am iPhone 14 as soon as it was released.

In the trending pictures, the Nigerian is showing the bandaged surgical wound with his right hand while his left hand is holding a new boxed iPhone 14. The delighted smile of the student shows a man who is very happy and proud of what he has done.

He is proud of the extent of his love for his girlfriend, the love that can make him part with a vital body organ to fulfil his girlfriend’s wish.

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