Fans and followers went to AKA’s house to comfort AKA’s girlfriend, rapper Nadia Nakai, last night at a vigil held in the late rapper’s house yesterday. According to the source, AKA’s memorial service will be held tomorrow at the Sandton Convention Centre, while his private provincial official funeral will be held on Saturday.


AKA’s murder has shattered many hearts. We feel for this family, this can’t be human to make parents feels this type of pain. AKA’s mom have spoken for the first time since the passing of her son AKA. Life is so unfair, Mzansi’s heart really moved when they heard her spoke from the heart like that she’s really hurt, she is going through a lot.

Kiernan, a carbon copy of his dad, Tony Forbes. He looks and sounds just like AKA. Uncle Tony is such a strong man, he just smiled even whet it hurts. The father has to be strong for everything, and he’s doing a great job. Many people went in number to show support to the family, whereby others were singing politics songs as they pay their condolences.

Being a parent to a celebrity must be hard because that person doesn’t belong to you as a family any more, but to everyone who was also a fan. The privacy is never granted here. The sad part is they’re not, but they’re expected to be calm and collected during the most trying times. You can see that AKA’s father is going through the most

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