Makhadzi is at risk of being arrested and spending time in jail in Botswana.

Makhadzi is at risk of being arrested and spending time in jail in Botswana


Due to unpaid debts and a string of missed performances, multi-award-winning South African artist Makhadzi might be arrested and imprisoned in Botswana. Although the Batswana were kind enough to pardon Makhadzi for earlier wrongdoings, they had run out of patience.

The Ma gear guitarist broke a contract when he abandoned three gigs at the last minute. Makhadzi was scheduled to perform at three events in September: the 29th Maun Carnival, the 30th Kumnandi Ekhaya Music Fest in Thamaga, and the 29th The People’s Festival in Palapye.


This came after she skipped a Gantsi performance in July in favor of a gig in the UK. Currently, sources claim that Makhadzi’s P500k+ debt has court sheriffs in Botswana lined up to imprison her.

Daniel Dk Kenosi, an entertainment reporter, claims that Makhadzi accrued the debt as a result of the three performances she skipped during Botswana’s independence.

The Limpopo-born performer, in addition to the debt from the three gigs, owes P160k to DC Tours/Hotels for lodging when she held her One-woman show in Botswana.

Following rumours that Makhadzi will be arrested for the debts, Botswana artist Vee Mampeezy spoke out in Makhadzi’s defense. Vee Mampeezy said Gilbert ‘PP wa Pimp’ Seagile, the promoter who asked her to perform in Botswana, was to pay the debts from the One Woman Show and not Makhadzi.

He further contended that as Open Mic is in charge of Makhadzi’s bookings and performances, it ought to be held accountable for her failure to present at the three shows in September.

According to Vee Mampeezy

Ok, BUT Gilbert promoted a one-woman performance in Botswana; she was in charge of making travel arrangements and handling everything else.

A business called open mic handles Makhadzi’s bookings.

That indicates that, in accordance with Botswana law, summonses are sent to such businesses rather than to the individual defendant.

And Open Mic is accountable for any improper administration of multiple bookings or other bookings, as well as for any necessary refunds.

Remember that she is merely an artist who is directed where to go and where not to go by those businesses before everyone JUMPS to murder her.

Another problem recently arose when a Botswana promoter said that “They drugged me and forced me to sign the contract.”

She gained notoriety when, a few months ago, she performed at an event in Botswana alone and became the first female African act to fill the entire stadium. But when Makhadzi finally arrived in Botswana, she was given a royal welcome while serving as the show’s headlining act at Tlokweng’s Royal A Stadium’s Only Women Show.

Makhadzi has been entangled in a number of risky legal battles rather than reveling in her significant victories and her newfound reputation in Botswana. Since a local promoter in Botswana refused to approve the millions from ticket sales, she has not yet received any money from the sold-out concert.

The best attorneys have even been retained by Open Mic Productions, and according to rumors, the case is currently pending in court. Gilbert “PP” wa Pimp of Botswana, who was hired to run the event, is now asking for extra money from the sold-out performance.

Gilbert “PP” wa Pimp asserts that the contract needs to be examined because whiskey, not him, signed it. According to the renowned promoter, Open Mic Productions management duped him into signing the contract while he was in South Africa by intoxicating him first. The two parties were unable to come to an agreement, thus the subject is now going to court.

Gilbert “PP” wa Pimp and Open Mic Productions will now have to discuss what happened and disclose agreements. Gilbert “PP” wa Pimp will have to show the courts that he was indeed taken by surprise when the contracts were signed.

From Zimbabwe to Nigeria, Makhadzi and Open Mic Productions have a number of concerts, but they haven’t made news for the wrong reasons. However, the most well-known South African act said before her appearance that 10% of the show’s proceeds would be donated to charity in Botswana that were in need of funding. Unquestionably, this is the first time Open Mic Productions has experienced issues with performance promoters, and it appears that Gilbert “PP” wa Pimp wants more than they originally agreed upon.

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