Mapintsha Allegedly Has Some Side Chicks Who Are Crying For Him: See Them

South African music lovers and celebrities are still in shock after learning of the passing of renowned musician Mandla Maphumulo, affectionately known as “Mapintsha” who passed away on Saturday while in hospital.



The Big Nuz member was admitted in hospital after suffering what was described as a minor stroke after he had been performing. His death touched a lot of people as no one expected that he would suddenly lose his life.


While his wife Babbes Wodumo is obviously in mourning following the loss of the father of her child, some girls who are being described as the musicians sides chicks have been flooding social media with tributes for the 38 years old who had a controversial relationship with babes Wodumo.

The girls have been posting him as if he was their man, leading to people believing that Mapintsha indeed had other woman in his life besides the “Wololo” hitmaker who fought hard for her marriage with him. The same thing happened when DJ Sumbody died anw other woman besides his wife were all over social media paying intimate tributes to him.


Some of the girls who were posting on social media referred to him as “baby” and “boyfriend” while another one posted asking why he had left her. Surely this will be like salt on babes Wodumos wound as no woman likes it when her man has other woman in his life besides her. Babes Wodumo will however have to be strong for her child following the loss of the famous musician. May his would rest in peace.

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