Rebecca Malope was at the pinnacle of her career in the 1990s, yet she opted to remain unmarried. She appears to be the type of Christian woman who considers having sex with anyone before marriage to be immoral.

She stated she was often asked to marry, but she turned them all down because she feared commitment as a result of her mother’s abuse at the hands of her father. Despite heavy public scrutiny, it was reported in 2012 that she had found a man worthy of her drams and had even paid Lobola to be with him.

A year ago, when news of Rebecca Malope’s marriage to a man named Malope resurfaced, many people were surprised; nevertheless, Rebecca Malope asserted that she and her spouse had been married for many years.

She has found happiness with Themba Tshabalala, a prosperous businessman. Prior to their wedding, Themba Tshabalala and Rebecca were close friends for one year. According to her, “having been friends in the past allowed them to get to know each other better before they tried something new.” She appreciated the notion that he deeply loved and cared for her. Rebecca never had children of her own, but she adopted Zweli, Noluthando, and Thandeka after her sister Cynthia passed away in 1996.

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