Meet Twins Who Share Same V@gina With Separate Head, They Reveal How They Sleep With Their Boyfriends(Photos)



A conjoined twin has opened up about how she met her boyfriend and what her sister thinks about it as the pair discussed their dating life.

Carmen and Lupita Andrade, 22, are joined from the chest wall to the pelvis.

They have two arms each, but only have two legs between them – with one controlling the right and one the left.

As well as sharing the same ribs, liver and circulatory system, they also share the same digestive and reproductive system, reports Mail Online.

When the sisters were born, it was expected that they would survive for just three days. However, they have continued to defy the odds and have managed to thrive.

Find out more about a set of conjoined twins who were successfully separated in the clip below…

Recently, the twins, who are from New Milford, Connecticut in the US, appeared on a YouTube channel called Jubilee, where they took part in a challenge called ‘Ask Me Anything’.

Carmen and Lupita opened up about their extraordinary lives and answered the burning questions many wanted to know.

This eventually led to their dating lives, and how exactly that works.

While Lupita said that she identifies as ‘asexual and aromantic’, Carmen admitted that she’s been in a relationship for a year and a half.

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The 22-year-old revealed that the pair met on a dating app called Hinge and that it was ‘really awkward’ to reveal that she was a conjoined twin.

Carmen explained: “I was obviously going to be transparent about everything.

“It was a learning process for everybody. We obviously had to have a discussion on what boundaries are OK and what aren’t.”

She then revealed that she and her boyfriend are not physically intimate, due to her situation.

“We’re not intimate in that way, and he’s OK with that,” Carmen commented.

When asked how her sister dealt with her having a boyfriend, Lupita chimed in, saying: “I make fun of both of them.”

The set of conjoined twins has revealed how one of them has managed to meet a boyfriend. Credit: @andrade_lupe/Instagram

At this point in the discussion, the topic of marriage came up and Carmen insisted that it’s ‘not really at the front of my mind’, due to only being 22.

She added: “Whoever I’m currently dating, or in the future might be dating, I’d prefer to be life partners than actual marriage.”

Elsewhere in the chat, the conjoined twins slammed those who ‘fetishise’ their condition and how it fulfils ‘a lot people’s idea of having s** with two people at once’.

The sisters stressed how inappropriate this was.

After watching the interview, many people have taken to the comments and shared their support for the twins.

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One penned: “I have nothing but respect for those two for being able to accept who they are and realise their own individual strengths.

“Can’t imagine how tough it must have been to get to that point.”

A second said: “Super powerful words! These girls are absolutely impressive already at such a young age.

“Many others spend decades to able to reach such a state of mind. Many, many more never get there and pity themselves or others forever for something that can’t be changed. Nobody is normal. Wishing those two all the very best!”

While a third wrote: “This was a humbling experience, loved everything about the twins. Very inspiring and positive. More power to both of them.”

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