A man who has taken his mother to a show called Khumbule Khaya to help him find his mother has left many amused, though it was something not to laugh about and it is important for everyone to find their parents. It is just unfortunate that some markets did not have them due to circumstance reasons. He wants to reunite with his biological mother; it was something that was kept a secret for a long time, and now he wants to make it right.

He said that when their babies were born at the hospital, they were swapped. At that time, the famous Shaun Mmakhize was having a baby at the same hospital, and since then, according to his non-biological mother’s claim, Mamkhize has been raising a child that was not hers. He wants to reunite with his mother and also mentioned the lifestyle that Andile Mpisane has been living all the time.

It should have been him, and he said that was painful for him after he was told about his biological mother. But then people from social media comments do not believe him, and it could be a way to get into the family and to live that lifestyle he has seen from Andile. If it would go through, and with the TV show that is helping South Africans to reunite, it would go through.


But as for something like that, it would be an option to make DNA tests, which are the ones that will prove the claim. Surely he is aware that there is something like a DNA, and it would not be an embarrassment for him, which could be seen as trying to extort a soft lifestyle. People are fighting for a soft lifestyle in many ways possible. But from how it has not been circulating on social media, it could be something legitimately true.

Who does not want to live a soft lifestyle and just continue with a struggling lifestyle while you have an opportunity to have a better chance of living better? It would become a pressure the moment people on social media decide to comment on the matter and possible private information that has been kept from that time.

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