Mzansi celebrities who make people not wish for marriage

A cup of black coffee with Mbali

For more than a decade, they served as our role models, but earlier this year, they made their impending divorce public. They were both liked by the public individually, but their combined popularity was even greater. The way they put their outfits together and how well they dressed are two things that people would miss about them. Another memory is the night Mbali and Coffe attended the BET Awards, when Mbali ultimately took home the trophy.

We are Mampintsha and Babs Wodumo.

Despite the fact that they are married, their history as a couple is not very happy. Mampintsha has been spotted beating women live on social media in a violent confrontation, and both parties have called the police on one another. They finally announced that they were getting married after all of the hardship, which was met with a great degree of criticism.

Mohale and Somizi

They were the epitome of a gay couple when they were together. They engaged in nearly identical behaviors, and it was clear that young and attractive Mohale, Somizi’s sweetheart, was very important to him. When they both expressed their affections to one another, it was a wonderful moment. There were lavish gifts, outfits that were flawlessly coordinated, and adventurous excursions. The couple’s wedding was absolutely wonderful. Even though it cost millions of rands, it was undoubtedly one of the most impressive things in all of Africa.
Khulu and Mona

This pair was the most outgoing of all the couples I saw, and it was evident in the way they interacted with one another, expressed their love for one another, and talked to one another. When they announced they were splitting up, it became obvious that there was no hope for love. They would also give advice on how to salvage a failing relationship.

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