Nandipha Magudumane will not appear in court

The delay of Nandipha Magudumane getting bail confirmation continues to delay she was due to appear today in court with the other suspects including, Bester Thabo but it was revealed that Nandipha Magudumane will not appear in Bloemfontein Margaret court today.

Nandipha Magudumane will not be appear in court today and stay on the media to get information on what the motive behind her not appearing in court.


Her bail application was expected to be held against after she walked out in court on her previous appearances, today again Nandipha Magudumane will not appear in court. It is not clear what is the reason behind the sudden neglect of her bail application.

Nandipha Magudumane was expected to appear in court today 16 May 2023 after she rolled over last week and her lawyer confirmed that she will continue with her bail hearing on the 16 May, today Chriseldal informed us about the woman that helped the fugitive to escape prison will not appear in court.

She deserves bail like any other suspect that committed crime and she only got involved in assisting Bester Thabo escaped Mangaung Correctional Service prison, Nandipha Magudumane got involved in one of the biggest jailbreak and today her involvement got her into trouble. Including the other suspect that got involved in the jailbreak plan, Teboho Lipholo is part of the jailbreak plan.

He played a huge role in contributing on the escape of Bester Thabo, Tebeho pushed the body of Katlego Bereng into the cell where Bester was locked in. Took the body which was used to fake Bester Thabo death in the prison, to help him escape without being noticed by other prison warden.

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