The new season of #MakotiAreYouTheOne has been the talk in social media. The showing is letting g its fans and followers knows how the mother-in-law treat their Makoti in real life. It’s sad and painful that some Mamazala are bitter. The recent episode has been the talk after Pinky become the first lady to chase her mother-in-law out of her own kitchen. Pinky’s Mamazala wants her to wear a blanket while she’s in her

People are saying that Pinky is rude after she refused the blanket and calling her sister to rescue her. Instead of calling her sister to bring her appropriate clothes, she’s calling her to come help tidy. Pinky’s mother-in-law thinks she has found herself a maid. She wants Pinky to open the gate for her, hold her gym page in the car and also wash her gym clothes.

While Pinky is busy complaining a real Makoti took her leg out and went about her business, props truly a committed Makoti for sure. It was too much but viewer’s love her level of commitment, she’s truly amazing and a remarkable woman one has to mention.Apparently none of these ladies are daughter in laws, they are all still girlfriends being expected to do wife duties. Some makoti are cool with their mothers-in-law, the problem are these loudspeakers on the side, like the one Fifi has.

These domestic duties are not realistic, more especially because they’re being used to judge makoti’s worth. In an era when women are breadwinners, pay half the bond or equivalent responsibilities to their husbands. Which matters, domestic versus social skills. These things should be a normal thing that you do out of love. Making tea and cooking for mom and dad in law out of love not made to be compulsory like you also said used to judge makoti’s worth.

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