Disc jockey and media personality Lerato Marabe is a household name in his home country of South Africa (DJ). As “Pretty Seakamela,” her character on Skeem Saam propelled her to prominence in 2011. She has been a constant presence on the instructional drama series she first appeared in. When we were initially introduced to Pretty Seakamela, she was a senior in high school, but she has since blossomed into an adult. Seakamela, the pretty girl, has finished law school and moved in with her man in Sandton.


Since Lerato Marabe values her privacy, she does not share every detail of her life on social media. She has established rules about what can be shared and what must remain private on her social media accounts. This has helped keep her safe from strangers who try to take advantage of her. She cares most about becoming known as a skilled DJ and actor, so she is eager to teach others in those fields.

Lerato Marabe grew up in Vosloorus, Gauteng, with his single mother and older brother. Their mother has been there for them since they were born, but she never talks about their father. She immediately pursued a career in the arts, moving to Africa to film and act in dramatic productions (AFDA). Aside from the media industry, she cannot imagine herself pursuing any other field of study.

Her most recent Instagram posts, which can be seen above, have generated quite a commotion due to the fact that she is looking absolutely lovely in all of them. As a Tswana princess, you might be wondering why she’s dressed in Zulu regalia. Lerato Marabe was a member of the dancing team that performed at a friend’s wedding. The clothes are flattering and fit her well.

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