R.I.P. Mass Funeral Of 6 Children Was Being Conducted In Tembisa

R.I.P. Mass Funeral Of 6 Children Was Being Conducted In Tembisa.

At the moment, a mass funeral service for six members of the same family is taking place at Winnie Mandela Zone 4. It is undoubtedly a very tragic event to witness such a large number of people having passed away for what appear to be no apparent reasons other than negligence, which is something that will bring about a great number of police investigations.

Bishop Ntimane (Out from Hospital), his wife, children, and grandchildren were all killed in a terrible car accident that occurred on Sunday, November 6th, 2022 in Mpumalanga while they were traveling home from a wedding. Bishop Ntimane is the only survivor of the tragedy.

Numerous people were saddened by the mass funeral and the fact that these children died at such a young age is even more concerning to the general public. The funeral was held as a farewell to six members of the Ntimane family who passed away while traveling from a wedding in Mpumalanga to Tembisa Winnie Mandela Zone 4.

The funeral took place in Mpumalanga and you can clearly see the da mil is a of the children who had unfortunately died in the horrible accident and we hope that more can be done to deal with such incidences and ensure that the rate in which our people are dying on the road is minimised.


Bishop Ntimane, who was driving at the time of the accident, has been released from the hospital and is doing well in his recovery. The authorities need to take action to reduce the number of accidents that occur across the country because it is unacceptable that we are subjected to such occurrences.

Lady Bishop Rosa Ntimane, Fisokuhle Ntimane, David Ntimane, Isiah Ntimane, Sibonginkosi Ntimane, and Ndumiso Ntimane have all passed away. May they all bury their loved ones in peace.

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