RIP, 18 Years Old Girl Passed Away Days After Her Birthday, See What Family Wrote on Her Grave

The fact that Jesus returned from the grave solidified his vow to come back for his followers beyond death. That’s the promise he made when he came back from the dead. Though it’s painful to realize that the angel of death has come to take those we love, we can take solace in God’s promise of eternal bliss in paradise. The pain of losing someone close to us is something to which we can never become accustomed. It always seems like the person was stolen from you too soon, no matter how long you knew or were with them before they died.

A tragic story of the life and death of a 17-year-old girl was recently shared with the world. Young and gorgeous Venda girl Thomani Denzhe’s untimely demise has left a lasting impact on many. Thomani Denzhe is her full name. She went unexpectedly just a few days after a party to celebrate another year of her life. Quite a few people seemed to actually like her company, and this was reflected in the enormous number of people who decided to follow her online. Her remarkable life narrative earned her the admiration and esteem of countless others. Sadly, she passed away just a few days after her birthday.

Her burial and funeral were held, the date of her death. People from all around Limpopo province came to her funeral to pay their respects and express their sympathies to her family. The funeral for her was attended by many people. The epitaph on her tombstone was really sad. Since no one saw her death coming, the inscription on her tombstone reads, “no final words, no final greetings, but in paradise we shall meet again.” God grant her soul eternal rest and grant her family and friends the fortitude and comfort they need during this time of great loss

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