RIP: A lady was Allegedly Beaten To Death By Her Friend. See What Happened

Just like this incidents where a young lady went on vacation with her friends who turned to be her worse enemies. It is heartbreaking that a young lady who was only 25, was beaten to death in Mexico while she begged for her life. She was beaten by one of her “friends”. The murder was filmed on camera by her best friend who just sat there and watched her be attacked and laughed saying “at least fight back”. All of her “friends” left her body in an AirBNB to die.


There are many issues with this death, but the real lesson is to stop referring to everyone as your buddy. When someone acts in a way that reveals they don’t have your best interests in mind, pay attention to the vibrations you get from them. Shanquella endured severe beatings before passing away from a broken pelvis and blunt force trauma to the brain. Don’t travel with anyone you don’t trust. Believe in your instincts when traveling long distances with strangers or those who reflect SKETCHY traits.

Most importantly stay away from negative messy people, trust your gut feeling. Thank God for smart phones and social media, if her fake friends did not post the video we would not know what happened to the deceased, surely they were trying to humiliate her unfortunately it went wrong, and they end up taking her life. Life is hard on it’s let us try to be kind to each other. May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

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