RIP Sindiswa, she drank poison after having stress of not being able to find her biological mother

Sindiswa (pictured above) was hospitalized after she had drank poison but unfortunately after a period of 6 days she passed away, it is reported that Sindiswa had a lot of stress about not being able to find her biological mother.

According to a article written by The Voice of Tembisa FM today, Wednesday, 4 January 2023 Sindiswa was adopted and well taken care of by a family in Ivory Park extension 2, last year a community member told her that the family she is staying with is not her biological family.

Sindiswa began to have a lot of stress and started looking for her biological mother, several attempts were made to get her help but unfortunately they were unsuccessful, the stress of not knowing her biological family put her in a deep depression.
She ended up being hospitalized after attempting to commit suicide by drinking poison, and sadly after a couple of days she passed away.

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