How does it feels to live with your wife for less than two months and after that she dies? This man is going through a lot right now.

On the 4th of January this year, this huy posted that he just paid lobola for his wife in order to officially own her like her husband. He was over exited that day and he showed that he did something that can’t be undone as he quoted.


Sadly, her wife was involved into a car accident the previous day and she was declared dead. He also shared his memories with her before the accident occurred. For sure he was looking forward to have a beautiful family with her but God has done his will and there’s nothing more he could do to help her. It’s so painful to lose something that you were willing to have for the rest of your life.


“This is very Sad,a young life taken too early. Hold on ther mfethu just for what you both had & stay strong these memories will keep you going & one day you’ll be able to live again. it’s heartbreaking,” says a twitter follower

“Eish yah this is heartbreaking. We are loosing our wives. I buried my wife last year on the 24th December. We are left to raise thr kids on our own. It’s so painful,” says Modise

It very painful for men to raise their kids by themselves,may the almighty god gives you strength to raise your children and be the best fathers ever,” says Thandaza

It must be tough for this gentleman to lose his partner that was supposed to be mother of his children and a perfect wife that he wanted.

Opinion: Sometimes we must stay away from publishing our achievements on social media because people are not happy while we are happy.

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