Scandal Xolile and her husband are celebrating the first anniversary of their marriage today. ❤️❤️
Sive Mabuya- wrote
“In honour of our 1st anniversary tomorrow, here’s a fun fact about my wedding dress:
If you look closely at the front you’ll see that the buttons create an ‘A’ pattern… that was a personal touch and detail to pay tribute to the man I was about to spend the rest of my life with
Anyway my real caption is the 3rd frame.
PS: Oh and yes, he didn’t know about my hidden message until

Former Scandal! actress Sivenathi Mabuya invited her fans to ask her anything on Instagram and some of the questions brought up were about her love life.

A fan wanted to know how she knew that her husband was the one.

Sive says that he was patient enough to wait 12 years for a first date. “He was patient enough to wait 12 years for that ice cream date he asked for back in 2008.”

Sivenathi had her traditional wedding in January 2022 following successful lobola negotiations. She celebrated the special occasion with her close family and friends.

The two met at a mall in the Eastern Cape while she was stranded with her sisters.

“Hemingways Mall…I was stranded with my sisters. He took us home,” she shares.

Responding to a question about when it’s the right time to marry someone, Mabuya says it should be when you truly love the person.

“I guess it should be when you really love someone. But deciding to get into it and begin it are two different things,” she adds.

“Can’t say my decision was easy but it is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

The actress is best known for playing Xolile Medupe in Scandal!. She left the telenovela in 2021 but did not rule out a possible return in the future.

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