‘ See What People Noticed After a Photo Of Senzo Meyiwa Murder Suspects Was Posted

It’s been over 7 years since the former bafana bafana and Orlando pirates goalkeeper was killed, senso meyiwa was killed on the 26 October 2014 in his house. Surprisingly, the house was filled with people  but still there is no concrete evidence on what happened. After the whole 7 years no one has been charged for senzo meyiwa death. Many people are suspecting that there are police involved in his murder that is why the case keeps on taking so many turns.

From the past two days the case has been preceding, everyday the case keeps taking a new turn. Madlala, who is Meyiwa’s very best friend, is going to be the first witness to testify against the five defendants in this case. Since the beginning of time, everyone can remember, Meyiwa’s best friend Madlala has been Madlala. He stated that before to the event, they had been drinking and watching soccer before it took place. There are 5 suspects for this case, see their photo below:

After this photo was posted, social media ladies were loosing their mind over accused number 2, they noticed that he’s handsome and he don’t look guilty. In the comments section many ladies commented complimenting him regardless of the offenses he’s accused of, see the comments below:


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