Zodwa Wabantu built a house in Mpumalanga where her aunt stays.

She built it with her hard earned money without getting a loan or asking money from anyone.

Zodwa built the house in Nelspruit so that when she retire from her career she can go and stay there.

The house has 10 rooms including the garage.Zodwa say that she grew up without a home that why she built this house,so that her son can have a place he can call home.


Zodwa did not have time to think of a career that she wanted to do because she was always busy hustling so that she can go to bed on a full stomach like other children.

Zodwa has many properties and she recently sold her beach flat in Durban because she was broke due to lockdown.She currently lives in durban and she own the house.

Since she built the house she has never stayed in it.She asked her aunt to live in that house so that she can take care of it.

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