She Is Slowly Turning Murdah Bongz Into Will Smith”-Dj Zinhle Faces Backlash Over Instagram Post About Her Baby Daddy AKA

She Is Slowly Turning Murdah Bongz Into Will Smith”-Dj Zinhle Faces Backlash Over Instagram Post About Her Baby Daddy AKA

South African Dj Zinhle can’t seem to catch a break on social media.

Dj Zinhle who currently celebrating the anniversary and success of her business erabydjzinhle came under fire last night after mentioning AKA on her Instagram stories.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Dj Zinhle revealed that she is celebrating the anniversary of her business erabydjzinhle which is turning 11 years. She also went on to note that she has also known her baby daddy Kiernan Forbes for 11 years.

“11 years of @erabydjzinhle 

11 years of knowing Kiernan,”she wrote.

Dj Zinhle AKA
Dj Zinhle (Image Credit: Instagram@djzinhle)

Tweeps were so outraged that she mentioned AKA on her Instagram stories such that some conniving tweeps even went on to photoshop her Instagram stories to drive their own narrative.

Dj Zinhle photoshopped Instagram Stories
Dj Zinhle photoshopped Instagram stories (Image Credit : Twitter@Real_kingsfiso)

Tweeps have always criticized Dj Zinhle for having a blended family and co-parenting with AKA. Recently, they even dragged her grieving AKA and for attending his funeral.

Her recent post left South Africans mortified. Tweeps can’t believe that even after AKA’s death, Dj Zinhle is still posting about him. Technically they assumed that she would stop doing that but that does not seem to be the case.

Mzansi is accusing her of disrespecting her marriage with her husband Murdah Bongz. Tweeps have been labeling Murdah Bongz a simp for letting Dj Zinhle post about her baby daddy whilst they are married.

Dj Zinhle dragged for mentioning AKA
Dj Zinhle with AKA x Dj Zinhle with Murdah Bongz (Image Credit: Sunday World/@djzinhle)

Netizens argued that Dj Zinhle was slowly turning Murdah Bongz into American actor Will Smith as they claimed that she is acting the same way his wife Jada Smith acts in her relationship.

Check out some of the reactions;


Even if thats the case sisi you can grieve without typing yazi,respect your married self. Remember that man had 3 different women while he was “dating” you to the extent of marrying the late one remember. So please dont bore us. #djzinhle


Dj Zinhle is slowly turning Murda Bongz to Will Smith. 😭😭😭


Dj Zinhle no matter how you feel about the other guy you don’t express it like that sometimes you keep quiet let things pass, that level of disrespect is disgusting. Imagine if it was Bongs doing that about her ex.


Dj Zinhle is definitely disrespecting Bongz as her husband, also Nadia aswell …. This is not about Cairo anymore … AKA choose other Women over her while he was still alive.. she must rest now . Shuu!!! Madness

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