Samukele Mkhize is a South African renown award winning actress, vocalist, song writer, voice over artist, filmmaker and motivational speaker. She indeed is a multifunctional and multitalented powerhouse whose presence in the media and entertainment industry is felt. Famously known for playing the role of Khwezi on Skeem Saam, Samukele Mkhize has been given a role that is loathed by many. Her acting skills on this soapie are making waves as she has totally turned into a villain but



surprisingly sweet and humble in real life.Known to be a lover girl who always wants to have a man in her life on screen, Samukele Mkhize is married to a handsome Venda man in real life. They tied the knot last year on the 30th of September after she had announced on her Instagram account, sharing a picture of herself in her wedding attire with his man whom she hid his face at the time.Samukele Mkhize is married to a man named who calls himself “Mr Masindi Sir” as seen on his Instagram account. He loves our beautiful actress so much and has expressed it so many times; his love for her is loud and clear and we have all witnessed it. Mr Masindi is always sharing pictures and videos of himself with Samukele Mkhize on his Instagram account. He has recently shared a lovely and cute video of them taking a walk on his Instagram story. Below are screenshots from the video.


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