Who is Gogo Maweni? She is a renowned South African doctor, consultant, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and television personality from Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. She has confessed to having witchcraft abilities, and she is believed to have bewitched her baby daddies after they failed to pay child maintenance. This article highlights who Gogo Maweni is, her herbal life business, and all the information you need to know about the self-proclaimed sangoma.


Gogo Maweni has 3 children with 3 different baby Daddies 2 are well-known South African celebrities and 1 is an American. Namely SK Khoza the Black door actor, former Mamelodi Sundowns player Siyabonga Zulu and the unknown American guy.

As much as people know that Gogo Maweni has 3 children from different baby daddies some are making fun of the, which is not fair. Gogo Maweni took to social media to share pictures of herself and her babies as she went to work with them at the river since we know she is a traditional healer. Below is what Gogo Maweni posted:

While people were commenting, complimenting Gogo Maweni for the great job he’s doing in raising her kids and teaching them her tradition. Someone decided to throw in a mean comment when he said to Gogo Maweni is giving birth to crayons. Meaning she is giving birth to children with different skin colors.

This is so mean, people, know that Gogo Maweni’s kids have different fathers and this means they will be different, they won’t look the same because their fathers are different.

Imagine someone saying something so mean to another human being. People tend to forget that it’s not some women’s fault that they end up having different baby daddies. Some of them were left by those baby daddies, and with the hope that things will work out with the next one, they try again, but probably still again.

So making fun of them because they have different baby daddies it’s wrong. It is such people that make women feel less of themselves because of such comments coming from people. Sometimes it’s better to keep quiet if you have nothing better to say. Rather than say something like this.

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