Are the Qwabe Twins in Detention? After a contentious departure from Idols South Africa, the Qwabe Twins—Viggy and Virginia Qwabe—shot to notoriety and became known as the Qwabe Twins. Since they left, their careers have gotten off to a strong start, and DJ Tira is now representing them. Are the Qwabe Twins in Detention? You can find further information in the article that follows.

Are the Qwabe Twins in Prison?
Viggy and Virginia Qwabe, two sisters who sing, are known as The Q Twins. After participating in the singing competition South African Idol, the two sisters, who are now 25 years old and were born on April 29, 1997, shot to notoriety in the music industry.

In later years, they worked together with DJ Tira on a track named “Hamba.” The Q Twins are quickly establishing a name for themselves in the African music industry thanks to their stunning vocals, which move their audience to feel something when they hear them. There have been a lot of people looking on the internet to see if the Qwabe Twins have been arrested, but there hasn’t been any news about it. Since this is not the case, the news cannot be trusted and should not be taken seriously.

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