The World’s Top 5 Airlines of 2022

At the 2022 world airline awards, Qatar Airlines has chosen as the best airline in the world for the 7th time. It has been named the airline of the year. Out of more than 350 airlines, Singapore airline falls in the second position and Emirates falls in third. The ANA All Nippon falls in the fourth position whereas Qantas airways fall in the fifth position.

The World’s Top 5 Airlines of 2022

Make a target of flying with one of these good airlines at least once in a year. We have provided you with The World’s Top 5 Airlines of 2022 and this information will definitely help you.

1.   Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is the Qatar state and it is based on a national airline. It is in Doha and this airline focuses mainly on fine cuisine, comfort, in-flight audio, video entertainment, and modern aircraft. Asia, Australia, Europe, the USA, and all other worldwide destinations are served by this airline.

2.   Singapore airline

Singapore Airlines has been committed to providing the best service to its customers. Renowned chefs are available and customers can enjoy entertainment systems and many more on this airline.

3.   Emirates

Emirates connects the world with Dubai which is its global hub. Every day airplane operates modern, comfortable and efficient airplanes. It contains 262 planes and gives service to 152 destinations.

4.   ANA All Nippon airways

ANA All Nippon operates 82 international and 118 domestic routes. It has a unique hub model that allows customers to travel to Tokyo and connect to many destinations throughout Japan. It has also been a member of Star Alliance since 1999.

5.   Qantas airways

Qantas is actually known as Queensland and northern territory aerial service limited. It is one of the best leading airlines and Australia’s most powerful brand. It is very famous for customer safety, maintenance, and services.

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